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We Are Developing Our Service Network Every Day With Our Experience Gained Over The Years.


We deliver our packages, which are carefully prepared by our teams, safely, quickly and in accordance with the conditions.


With our well-equipped, strategic and dynamic team, we are working with a focus on customer satisfaction.


We carry out the production of our products in our own facilities and fields under the control of our expert and experienced team.


Our organic and fresh products collected from our production facilities are quickly packaged and stored under appropriate conditions.

Our Business Process

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Ada Ziraat takes firm steps forward with the mission of providing employment to many people by prioritizing quality and reliability, expanding our export volume in the international arena by supporting our farmers, and being the pride of our country in the agricultural sector.

We are committed to giving you the best possible experience.

Ada Ziraat has been supplying fruits, vegetables and citrus fruits to many cities in Turkey and Europe since 2002. We are proud of bringing our quality and healthy products to our customers for a long time.

Our Vision

As Ada Ziraat, our vision is to reach the 'leading supplier' position in Turkey and in all the countries we serve, with a customer-oriented approach.

Our Mission

Since its establishment, Ada Ziraat has based on certain values ​​that are based on elements such as unity and integrity, understanding, excellence, responsibility and creativity. These values ​​guide every business decision taken by all companies.

Why Us?

With Ada Ziraat, you can reach the products you need reliably through indisputable quality and the fastest shipping.

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How are your product packaging processes progressing?
Our packaging processes are designed specifically for the products and vary according to the product type, and they are packaged in the most compatible packages with the product in hygienic conditions and stored in the most suitable conditions.
Do you have a cold chain transportation process and how is your process progressing?
We have cold chain transportation. With our refrigerated vehicles under our company, our products are loaded into our vehicles without contact with hot air from our cold storage and delivered to your desired location.
If the questions answered about our company and our products are not sufficient, you can reach us from the button below!
We have a complex with technological, up-to-date and hygienic social areas spread over an area of ​​1000 square meters where our own production, packaging, storage and transportation facilities are all together.